Monday, October 03, 2005

The Eclipse or how not to see one

Once again, a major event is taking place and once again, I am relagated to the list of those folks who read about the event, even wanted to see it but who for one reason or another couldnt get the picture except on TV.

Unfortunately, I guess I have to move to Hawaii or some place like that where crear or mostly clear skies is the norm. The cloudiness and the haziness of the weather here in Tokyo once again has prevented seeing anything, even if we could see it here.

I guess the next event for me to miss is the leonoid storm and while that is one of the brightest meteor showers of the year, its brightness doesnt do anything to penetrate the general cloudiness of this place.

Many times, we travel half way around the world for these events of our solar system, but when we get to the place we are going, either it is perfect beyond words or it is miserable and a wasted trip.

I guess it pays to check the weather forecast for these events and I think I will do that next time a meteor shower or eclipse takes place prior to jumping off the deep end.