Friday, January 11, 2008

The new face of advertising on the Internet

Over the years, there have been fads come and go in Internet advertising. Each generation of the web seems to have its own methodology associated with it. The latest methodologies have been floatin ads, ads that open on mouse over, complete page ads and then load the site, or even peel back ads. But none of these methodologies allowed the web site owner to make sure that all customers saw the ad. I have personally used both Amazon and Google Adsense for ads on my sites.

That has now changed with audio ads or Pay per Play as it is known The audio ads play for 5 seconds and then are gone. But the nice thing is that the web site owner gets paid for each ad rather thn having to count on click throughs for the ad. It plays on site loading as you heard when you loaded this page. I am assuming that the blank air is because their service will not start officially until 1 February 2008.

Will this be the next fad in advertising or will this just be another passing fancy. One can only wonder but from what I have seen so far, I like the idea. Of course there are the purists out there who will argue that the web site should not force the ads onto their users. The nice thing about this is that the ad will not take over the page, only plays for 5 seconds and then is gone forever. No bulky ads that keep popping open or that obscure the page.

We will just have to see if the ads pay enough to actually be worth the time and the effort or whether it will be another lame attempt to monetize the web. (Hopefully it will be the former).

URLS Listed in this article

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Google Ad Sense (

RIAA and their henchmen

Over the past few years we have heard time and time again how the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has gone after 9 year olds and grand mothers and house wives and any other person they could. Each time I have seen them go after someone, it was always someone who was too weak to fight. They have made millions off the tactic of scaring ordinary folks who hardly know computers much less know music sharing into believing that they were a governmental agency that could send them to jail.

The only time they seem to blinkis when someone with money and good lawyers fights them (as in the case of the University of Oregon). Now they have taken to sending out scare letters or pre-lawsuit letters to 23 universities around the country. The only thing this is likely to do is to fly back in their faces.

EMI, is also reviewing their funding (see but is unlikely to pull it according to this article on mashable. While I can understand the need for artists to get paid for their work, the majority of artists never get a dime hardly from the big companies. RCA never paid my father for his album but made decent money back in the 1960's from it. That has not changed in spite of it being 50 years later. The companies make billions.

What needs to happen is for the RIAA to go away and the artists to see their wares in the way that Motorhead did.. Take to the Internet and let people download it and pay what they think it is worth. Real fans will always pay (One reason I have every Pink Floyd Album ever made).

If the RIAA doesnt go away and the courts continue to give them carte blanche on the lawsuits, there will be a complete collapse of the industry and the court systems. (and possibly the internet music scene).

The NFL Coaches Dance

I never got an invite to the ball, then then again, I am still playing the game. The NFL coaches though seem to perform this annual ritual called the NFL Coaches Shuffle with the grace of a herd of bulls in a china shop. Every rumor is followed by another and rarely contains any substance.

Coaches with impeccable records are fired, and those with horrible records are extended and then there are those that don't have to have the door shown to them. They just know as in the case of Joe Gibbs.

With teams out of the playoffs clamoring for their next coach, the speculation and the rumors and the meetings and interviews fly like grains of rice thrown at a wedding. The amount of pomp and fan fare is about the same. Names come and go. Retired guys, Other teams guys, college guys and even the occasional no-name from the middle of nowhere.

You would think with the amount of money that is thrown around, this would not be the pulling teeth that it seems to be each year. Who will Atlanta hire? Who will Washington hire? Who will Miami Hire? Who cares!! Call us when it is over because this daily speculation, new conferences rejections and everything else associated gets really boring.

Personally all I want to see if who is going to win this weekends games. The guys playing in them deserve more of the spot light. They worked hard to get there and now this coaching shuffle is over shadowing the players and their accomplishments.

So for this weekend, I have Seattle over Green Bay, Giants over Dallas, Chargers over Indianapolis and Patriots over the Jaguars. Not because it really matters. Just because CoachBart (twitter) took the other 4 and we have a little rivalry after my Seahawks beat his Redskins last week.