Saturday, January 05, 2008

Is the tech bubble coming to an end?

Over the past few years, we have seen once again the rise of the enormous beast that is the Technology Stock Bubble. But as in 2001, we are beginning to see signs that all is not well in wonderland.

Over the past week, Google has lost two high profile executives. Not because they went somewhere else, but because they got out, got their money and ran. Now they dont have to work another day in their lives really.

Before that several other companies lost people to one thing or another. It seems that Google, Amazon, and Yahoo are no longer must have jobs. The job listings seem to get longer and the wait to get hired longer, so many people on the outside are looking elsewhere. But if the people on the inside are also looking elsewhere, it means that something must be coming that none of us can really fore see.

A downturn in the market one might ask? Well, the bubble has run 7 years from the last downturn when all of the stocks hit rock bottom. And with technology companies being worth as much or more than traditional manufacturing companies, it is time to look at the possibility that within the next year or so, we could be looking at 2000/2001 all over again.

While I am no expert in financial matters, I do know that when the rats start to leave the ship it must be sinking.

The Power of the pen (and the blog)

Over the years that I have written, I have never underestimated the power that the pen (and the computer) had over our lives and the lives of those around us. Once in a while, we need a reminder of that power and today I got one that I was rather surprised at.

Many have protested the war, many more have fought war and many more of us have sat on the sidelines not outwardly expressing our opinions. Having been a Marine Corps contractor, I have known many who have served our country, known at least one who gave his life for the country. They all served with the pride and the candor that made them marines. Not once, did I hear one of them complain that the war was a dis-service to them or hear them disrespect any part of the country.

It probably never occurs to the ordinary man what I am talking about when I say they served with candor. After reading Andy Olmsted's posthumous blog post, it became even clearer. For those who would like, you can find it at:

The one common theme in hist blog post which brings it all home is his thought that he fought for his own reasons. Not someone elses. For those who don't understand that, well it would take me far too long to try and explain it, not that I would ever pretend I could but it just brings me back to my original point.

Remember what you write. And in remembering, be sure not to write that which might be construed as flame or hate. But always write in the true spirit of journalism of telling and exposing the truth to the world. (And if you cant tell the truth, lie humourously and make people happy.)