Monday, October 29, 2007

CNN Censoring Broadcasts

Its kind of funny how a news report tends to upset people. I was watching AC 360 today on CNNj, which is Japan's broadcast arm of CNN. During the 11:00am hour broad cast there was a news report on Baby Gap clothing being made by child slave labor. Then during the 12:00 noon broadcast of the report, they put up a blackout screen saying that the broadcast was being blocked due to copyright issues about 30 seconds into the report.

What gives? Has CNN begun allowing censorship whole scale? Is there Japanese Government interference into the broadcasts and are they blocking other things. Or is this CNN just trying to protect businesses in other countries where they dont have the consumer laws we have in the US.

Either way, it is blatant censorship and really needs to be brought to light. I guess this is just one more thing which adds fuel to the fire of the conspiracy theory folks!