Friday, August 01, 2008

Beijing Backs Down

Just a day after the uproar over the censorship of the Internet that I mentioned in my previous post, Beijing appears to have relaxed the Internet censorship according to this Time article (,8599,1828587,00.html) But is is a bit too late to get the stink back in the horse?

What is amazing to me is that the Chinese government says free unfettered access, but what they mean is free and unfettered as long as you dont want Falun Gung or Free Tibet sites. The government apparently have made the relaxation complete through out the entire country. But the fact that they still block these sites tells me that they are afraid that if they let the Internet completely open, they will lose the strict control they have enjoyed for many years.

The earthquake sympathy is finally wearing off and the reality that Beijing is the biggest farce in the history of the Olympic games is just becoming apparent. Hopefully, the rest of the world will wake up with the few that have already been enlightened.