Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mac World Expo 2007: Where's The Beef

In all of the announcements that Steve Jobs put forth in his Keynote this year, it seems that the only thing that came out were the things that were almost like the secret that everyone knew about.

For those diehard Apple Computer, Inc. fans, the name change to Apple, Inc. is sure to create almost as much of a clammor of voices as the lack of any new computers. Is Apple really dropping all of their computers as well or is this just purely a name change.

There were none of the expected quad core machines nor any updates to its long line of laptops. Also the lack of any mention of Leopard is sure to put some pundits off their game.

While the two items that Steve Jobs introduced were nice, it would have helped if he actually had those in hand to begin selling today. This Mac World Expo will likely go down in history as the one that Apple introduced nothing. At least nothing tangible. Just all Vaporware. Much in the methodology of another big company everyone loves to hate, Microsoft.