Thursday, January 10, 2008

What's up Apple's Sleeves?

The speculation about what Macword Expo will bring from the mouth of Steve Jobs and the great machine that is Apple, Inc. While in past years, we have had sites like Think Secret to darn near announce the product for Apple, we no longer have that after the lawsuit with Apple. So it is now left up to the rest of us techno junkies to figure out what they will announce.

One item of speculation over the past 6 months has been the possibility of Apple introducing a sub-notebook. While the 13" MacBook is a nice machine, it is still heavy and bulky when compared to the little notebooks offered on the PC side by Toshiba and Sony.

I figure they have something of the sort up their sleeve as they dumped all their junk over board the week before (8 core machine, etc). But if this year is anything like last years MWE and WWDC, then there may be a revolt in the palace. MWE brought the empty basket and wait until spring thing and then WWDC brought the "You dont need an iPhone SDK" speech. I am sure they have to be planning something that will allow them to recover some of the glory of past years or is this Steve's way of saying that Apple will announce their products on their timeline and not on the MWE timeline?

Also, supposedly in the works is the lastest version of the iTouch and the iPhone. While one can only speculate, you would have to imagine that at some point Apple will have to introduce the G3 / GSM capable iPhones in the US. Especially before they try and introduce their product to the Japanese market which GSM will not work in.

But then the day approaches. We will all have to wait and see what Apple really introduces but for my money I am betting the farm on at least the Sub-Notebook. I will wait on the iPhone until the Japan release no matter what as I want the kanji input method on my iPhone so I can send Japanese notes as well as english ones.