Saturday, October 06, 2007

Marion Jones -- Sprinter, Steroid Baby!

This week, after all of the years of denial, Marion Jones finally admitted that she had used steroids. While she had maintained that she had never used even though her ex-huspand, Shot putter C.J. Hunter had tested positive and been suspended.

Now there is the possibility that others besides her will have to surrender hard earned medals thanks to her selfishness. Who knows what all those poor girls who were on relay teams with her in 2000 are thinking now.

Not only had Marion sued anyone who even hinted at her having used steroids. The fact that she screamed loudly when people pointed fingers must seem prophetic now. Each time she barely escaped, she would almost disappear from sprinting. But now she is back and very likely will be suspended for the 2 years that is normally given to cheats. I just pray for those others who have become entrapped by her. May the committees that govern track and field not take away from their performances.