Sunday, April 16, 2006

Email Account Hijacked? Dont expect help from Yahoo.

I was reading through a few things today and ran across this tale of email account hijacking.

Unfortunately this article about email hijacking hits home here. In my case, nothing in the account was changed. Unfortunately, I am the careful user who normally doesnt use real info when setting up the account (i.e. BDAY, address, etc). Doesnt help too much when trying to get back in or the password reset. Of course, the hacker probably changed all that anyways.

But I had to write off an account about 2 years ago that I had since Yahoo first opened email to the public. Yahoo unfortunately wont do anything about it to this day. And the only thing you get to track down help is a bunch of menus that really are no help at all.

That should be the real story here is the fact that the big corporations who run these systems are more and more hiding behind automatic html systems with no listed phone numbers and no publicized address. And unless you are aware of security commision filings, you wont have a clue of where those corporations are.

Hopefully Yahoo and others like them will eventually get real people who can help other real people.

Apple tells 9 year old to read the legal page

A 9 year old who wrote to Apple Computer, Inc. as part of a school project, got a response from the legal dept. at Apple, telling her that they dont accept "suggestions".

Her mother, who was absolutely horrified, immediately called the local CBS affiliate and certainly got the attention of Apple then.

You can listen to the video here of the news report.

I guess it just goes to say, there are days where everyone screws up. (Or as I would say, "What the heck were they thinking?!!")