Friday, January 11, 2008

The NFL Coaches Dance

I never got an invite to the ball, then then again, I am still playing the game. The NFL coaches though seem to perform this annual ritual called the NFL Coaches Shuffle with the grace of a herd of bulls in a china shop. Every rumor is followed by another and rarely contains any substance.

Coaches with impeccable records are fired, and those with horrible records are extended and then there are those that don't have to have the door shown to them. They just know as in the case of Joe Gibbs.

With teams out of the playoffs clamoring for their next coach, the speculation and the rumors and the meetings and interviews fly like grains of rice thrown at a wedding. The amount of pomp and fan fare is about the same. Names come and go. Retired guys, Other teams guys, college guys and even the occasional no-name from the middle of nowhere.

You would think with the amount of money that is thrown around, this would not be the pulling teeth that it seems to be each year. Who will Atlanta hire? Who will Washington hire? Who will Miami Hire? Who cares!! Call us when it is over because this daily speculation, new conferences rejections and everything else associated gets really boring.

Personally all I want to see if who is going to win this weekends games. The guys playing in them deserve more of the spot light. They worked hard to get there and now this coaching shuffle is over shadowing the players and their accomplishments.

So for this weekend, I have Seattle over Green Bay, Giants over Dallas, Chargers over Indianapolis and Patriots over the Jaguars. Not because it really matters. Just because CoachBart (twitter) took the other 4 and we have a little rivalry after my Seahawks beat his Redskins last week.

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