Thursday, September 29, 2005

Google in Space!

Once again, Google has struck a deal which will keep it at the forefront of the data collection business. According to a report in the Miami Herald (, Google has signed a deal with NASA to “work together” although the details on this deal are few.

Like Google, NASA is also known for having collected large amounts of data but the percentage of the data which is available and accessible by the public is relatively low. Google on the other hand has made large amounts of data available in a relatively short time.

Having just reviewed Google’s latest release, Google Earth (, it is completely impressed upon my brain that no company in the world can keep up with them and now even NASA seems to validate that fact.

Of course, the fact that corporate America has taken a lead in space is obviously not lost in the deal. Now that NASA is on board, perhaps this is not just a passing fancy, but the start of something glorious for the

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