Saturday, February 10, 2007

What the Heck is Mental Anguish

I just read an article ( about Astronaut Lisa Nowak, saying that she suffered from "Mental Anguish." What the heck is "Mental Anguish". Does that mean that she was wasnt crazy when she drove 900 miles across the US in a diaper just to "talk" to the other woman? Or does that mean that she was suffering mentally from some tragedy?

As far as I know, the only tragedy in her life is the ones she created. She separated from her husband of 19 years to chase a guy who was already dating someone. She supposedly broke up a marriage other than her own. And she sprayed mace in a womans face after driving 900 miles. "Mental Anguish?" I would say she was downright nuts!

If she cracked, then someone should have seen this coming. Where is NASA folks when someone cracks? They sure jump to the forefront when the glory is to be had. But not many voices are heard when something like this happens. Come on NASA...Speak up. We cant hear you.

By saying she suffers from "Mental Anguish", it sound to me like the same old bureaucratic problem of trying to shove things under the carpet that NASA has always done.

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