Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Where's the beef?

That is the question that people were asking Steve Jobs during WWDC this past summer. As an attendee of the popular developers conference, myself and about 5000 other folks were extremely disappointed when Steve choose to say, "You dont need a developers kit for the iPhone!"

This statement by the CEO of Apple, Inc. not only gave the entire conference a start, but made the phrase, "you could hear a pin drop", come to fruition. It was one of the most disappointing announcements in a conference which cost over $1300 USD just to become an attendee not to mention the other $1200 for hotel and flight to San Francisco.

Maybe we have come to expect too much of Apple, but then again, that does not explain the flip flop where Steve is now saying "you do need an SDK". Apparently, Apple is releasing an SDK which will be available sometime around the 1 February 2008 time frame. While I am sure there are those in the Apple community who are jumping for joy, this is one developer who is still miffed at the fact that Steve totally dissed all of the 5000 plus people who paid the $1300 USD per person just to get into WWDC 2007.

All I can say at this point is, "Way to go Steve!" But dont expect my money next year or the year after. I will save it for a new iPod or iMac or something substantial, rather than paying to have my hopes quashed again in San Francisco. Its no wonder, I had to leave my hear there, it got broken!

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