Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A time for everything

I recently found out that a long time friend is dying of cancer. Unfortunately, this struck close to home as my own father died of cancer 3 years ago and his girlfriend died the year before that and his sister the year before that. This is something that strikes so many people that you would think that more efforts would be made to find a way to cure cancer.

Unfortunately, the common theme among cancer patients is that the doctors all recommend radical radiation therapy. However, the side effects of this sometimes can be even more devastating than the disease itself. In my father's case, he would be down and out for three to five days after each session. It was enough to make him not want to do it any more.

There has to be a better way than radiating oneself to the point of being dead. One friend of mine had decent results with herbal remedies and is still living after 9 years with the disease. But I am sure that this is not a catch all for cancer curing. But there needs to be more research into the herbal and the chemical cures. One can only hope that it is in time to save more families loved ones and friends.

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