Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Tasering of Free Speech

Today, Free Speech was once and for all killed in America. No longer can you question the leaders without actually being arrested and possibly being held down and tasered. But this is not something out of an Orwellian dream. It is real life.

A University of Florida journalism student, Andrew Meyer, asked former presidential candidate, John Kerry several questions before the mele began. When he asked Mr. Kerry a question that was a bit edgy, the forum staff cut the microphone and police tried to remove him.

In spite of there being four police involved in the arrest, they still had to hold him down and taser Mr. Meyer, inspite of the fact that the whole time, he was asking for help and asking on what grounds he was being removed. (Can you say Rodney King Beating all over again?).

While most people expected him to be simply handcuffed and removed, no one in the world was prepared for the scream that this man let out while being tasered and you can hear people in the video screaming to stop. All the while, Mr. Kerry is continuing on as if nothing is happening.

Several reports I have read on the incident have said that Mr. Meyer started a riot, but the only thing that I saw starting a riot was the over zealousness of four university police who will now have to answer for the actions. Obviously, the university will clear them of all wrong doing, but I am sure that when the ACLU gets their hands on this one, those police will no longer have jobs. And I am sure the University of Florida will be a few million dollars lighter in the budget for their programs.

If these ridiculous charges against Mr. Meyer are not dropped outright, expect a long drawn out lawsuit to pop up someday soon. I am sure the students who were there will also be protesting the squashing of a muslim student's first admendment rights in such a public way.

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